CMS Collection Page Slug

Hi all,

There’s something that I’ve been struggling with and I am hoping someone could help! I have a multilingual page and I am struggling with connecting the static page slugs with the CMS collection page slugs. In other words, I have for example - this is a static page. Nonetheless, I have a CMS collection page of “Experiencies”, with all the experiences we offer as a company. However, I cannot link activities such as - rather, the only option I have is -Kayak Cala Granadella - Excursions et Locations 2022. Here’s a screenshot -

I understand that this could be an issue from an SEO perspective as the sitemap, rather than following the /fr/experiences/… route is following a completely different route.

Is there any way to continue the static page slug of /fr/experiences/(unique experience slug), rather than having to create a completely new one?

Thank you in advance, any help is really appreciated before I go crazy!

Correct, Webflow currently does not support the ability to put collection pages inside of folders, or the ability to “route” request paths specially.

The only way around this is to setup a reverse proxy.

In your case though, your purpose is building a mutlilingual site. I’d recommend you look at Polyflow for what you’re trying to do. It’s a new product but I did a technical review of it a few weeks ago and I’m super impressed.

It will give you all of your /lang/ dirs, and sort out your hreflang issues too, without self-referencing hreflang issues. It even puts all of your language variations in your sitemap.xml, tagged properly.

Very cool.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for getting back to me! I have already manually translated all the pages and it’s all done both for my static and CMS collection pages. Would this be an issue?

Not sure what issue you’re imagining, it’s great that the content is ready, you just need a site that can deliver it correctly to language-specific viewers. That’s where Polyflow bridges the gap. Others like Weglot as well, but they’re pricey and not as well integrated to Webflow.

In 2023 Webflow begins work on built-in Multilingual features, so eventually you should be able to switch if those features end up providing the full support you need.