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Having contributors on a webflow (CMS) blog


I’m thinking about options for having contributors on a webflow (CMS) blog.
Is there any way to let people write a post other than giving them temporary access to our webflow account? That feels a bit wrong, because theoretically they could change anything in the entire website, and we would never know for sure. Think about the easter eggs possibilities (no easy way to track changes, right?).

I’m sure you have thought of that by now, so I’m looking forward to hear what you think.

You can add an Editor role in the CMS tab of your sites’ dashboard.

First editor is complimentary, after that there’s a fee per editor.

Editors only have access to CMS content. They can add, edit, publish and unpublish.

There is no way yet to define roles with precise rights such as “only add content” or “only have rights for certain content” or “can add content but not publish”.

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