CMS as a visual link dashboard?


I am trying to build a visual dashboard for a link collection and I am using the CMS system for that. However, when the system displays the collection items, a click on said item would naturally refer the user to that item’s page. I created a new field in the collection (URL) that contains an external link.

Is it possible to modify collection items in a way that clicking on it will not refer the user to the item page, but to the external link specified in the item’s URL field?

Essential I just want to use the CMS as a nice visual dashboard page for a collection of external links. Cheers!

EDIT: I don’t really have a project yet that I can share cause it all depends on this functions, but it will be based on the Webflow “Notable” blog template. I just want a click on one of the items to lead to an external link, simple as that.

Yes, this should be possible.

When you view the settings for the CMS items you can select where the link goes to. This is defaulted to the CMS item but you can remove this and opt to ‘Get URL from…’ and select a CMS field which would be a CMS link field.

that worked, thanks!