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So I added a collection list to my page, added a button to it, and linked that button to the “current” CMS template page that corresponds with that CMS item. This is normal.

But I have a client who wants to add another CMS item to this collection list that links out to a url other than that “current” CMS item. In other words, usually the link would go to the CMS item’s default CMS template page that corresponds with it, but the client wants it to link out to an item in a different collection list—a different url.

I can’t figure out how to do that, since adding a collection list to a web page sets all of the child elements to have the same url as the collection—by selecting “current” as the destination page. The client is also having collaborators update this collection list, so it needs to be maintainable and shouldn’t involve custom code updates. Is this possible?

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I guess something like this should work?

1: Add another field to the collection which contains the external URL
2: Duplicate the collection item contents, so that each item now has two of the clickable elements.
3: Set the link settings to get the url from the new field on the second set of content.
4: Set conditional visibility on both sets. One where it’s shown if it’s got an external URL, one where it’s shown if it does not have an external URL.

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That worked. Great thinking! I used the Reference Field to accomplish the external linking (easier, no maintenance). Since the CMS would always see these as always set because of this, I had to make the conditions of visibility based on an on/off toggle switch. Thank Fonsume!

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