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Cloning Question: best method?

When cloning projects from the showcase for use in projects, projects get created frequently. To cut down on the number of projects, is it recommended to copy and delete the code for use in a central page, such as a UI page? In other words, doing as follows:

  1. Clone new project
  2. Copy new project to UI page ( or other)
  3. Delete project
  4. Clone new project

Also, the benefits of the business plan are obvious. How many here have the business plan?

I’m just getting started using Webflow, and this seems important.

If you have a Pro Account plan, you can have an unlimited amount of projects. You can keep the ones you want in a particular folder to keep them out of view. Delete the ones you don’t need anymore. You can be organized by having a project inside of which you’ll gather all the bits you are copying from other projects, in order not to keep the clones.

Business plan is a hosting plan. You can host some sites with a CMS plan, dome other with a Business plan. The main reason to chose a Business plan is for when your CMS site will have more than 2000 items. I’d say the second main reason is for when you need more fields per collections. And the 3rd is maybe about the better hosting with a Global CDN (assets being served locally).

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Thanks, Vincent.

Good points to think about for using Webflow for my business.