Is it possible to duplicate a project in Webflow?

If it’s possible, I’d like to have two versions of a project on my account, so that my boss can make changes to one copy in accordance with his vision for that site. Then, we will decide which instance of the project to keep and which to toss. Can it be done?

You could duplicate project

But only one of those projects could be with the URL you want ( + Over time this trick not so practical (if you upload blog posts, add content and so on “chaos”). For the design stage, it could work fine.

You also could duplicate a page:


If you duplicate pages -or- site remember META issue (Avoid duplicate content problems)

Also to consider:

You can only have one login on your account at a time, so it would be a ‘take it in turns’ approach…

Unless you went for a team account:

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Thanks everyone! Good points.