Copy Paste from Clonable without Cloning?

Webflow introduced us with long waited awesome copy paste from projects which accelerated the already on dope design process even further.

Also, with this option users started making community better by starting a project
Thank you dear @Aaron for this project. I hope for more of these ideas and hope to contribute too.

It is a very simple to copy and paste between projects. So my idea is to ask why do we have to clone it ? It seems futile. It should be much more simple if some made it clonable already.

What do you think ?


Couldn’t agree more, I was sent a Feedback form recently from Webflow - I mention this point myself :slight_smile:

I know from interviews with Vlad, that they were playing with the idea of not having to clone.

And thank you for the kind words about my project, I’m super pleased you are getting use out of it!


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Hopefully, it will be available soon.

Also, I’ll be happy to help from my designs. I’ll be showcasing all of them(not clonable) but I can make parts of it clonable if it helps enrich your site. More the merrier for the community.

Hi, Kyle from Webflow here – I was on the Product team that worked on this feature.

We completely agree that being able to copy and paste from cloneable sites without having to clone them first would be great to have.

We first wanted to see if there was even a demand for this, though, before building it out. What the community has been doing with these UI kits and collections like Digital Bake (so awesome, BTW!!!) has been incredible to see!

I can’t promise a timeline or anything at this point, but that enhancement is certainly one that we have on the list to make for this feature in the future. Thanks for the feedback!


Thanks for the additional info @kkilat - if this does come to fruition - it would be nice to be able to keep a count of the amount of cloned elements (as is possible now with sites).

It’s not a major deal, but just nice to see how many clones have been made, how useful the community have found your project…

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Great point @StuM! That is one really nice thing about the current cloning requirement – that count is super helpful for identifying and ‘rewarding’ the most useful shared project and resources.

If we build in this new functionality, maybe that count morphs into something more like a ‘clone & copy’ combined count, or we add a separate count, or something. Will definitely keep this in mind though for whenever we do decide to tackle this!