Cloneable Campervan Website

Encompassed Campers

Totally free cloneable. This was a fun project that came about from a client/friend that had to pull the plug for unforeseen circumstances.


  • Several Unique Pages
  • Template pages
  • Contact Form
  • CMS
  • Custom Code (I’m not a coder so don’t hate me if it looks messy)
  • Animations
  • Lottie’s

The site is built around the business model of customised camper vans used for exploring and adventure. Bold fonts and constrasting colours create a strong impact, and the imagery does the rest.

Note: this was initially meant to be done for a client but didn’t go ahead so I’ve built this in a couple days as I thought it would be a fun cloneable for the community. So there are definitely some bugs and please ignore how I lay everything out (I’m not very tidy).

Have fun and let me know if you like the site!

Cloneable Link: encompassed-campers - Webflow

Site Link:

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hi @jakedoubleu It need a bit improvements but overall Simple - Clean - Tidy .
good job :clap:

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Hey @Stan thanks for the feedback! Yeah as it was just a fun little project I didn’t want to spent too long cleaning it up as it wasn’t going to be used for a client etc. If I make another cloneable I’ll definitely make it a lot cleaner haha