Clone site to team workspace

I’m having trouble figuring out how to clone a site to my team’s workspace. I have a free account, but the team I belong to is paid and has four team seats. When I go to clone a site, the only option I get is to put it in my free account’s workspace.

How can I clone a site to my team workspace so I can use it in conjunction with projects there?

Hoping to find an answer to this.

Is this maybe to do with the changes to teams and workspaces? Even if it doesn’t work currently I’d just like to be aware so I can plan accordingly.

I have this issue too and since my personal plan is a free plan it won’t allow me to transfer it into my Workspace…

How do we get around this Webflow Support?

I’m having this issue too. Why am I even paying for a more expensive workspace if I just lost the ability to clone projects (my individual account can’t transfer without also paying for an account there)?

Hoping to resolve this soon.

I have the same issue, and the only way I can seem to clone anything is by upgrading my personal plan to “Lite” and cloning to that. Then, I can transfer the cloned project to my Workspace account.

Note that if you clone to a free “Personal” account, you are only allowed (2) projects and not allowed to transfer anything. Therefore, you seem to have to upgrade to a paid “Lite” account to transfer to your Workspaces account. So, in other words, at this time, it seems the only way to make this happen is to pay for a Workspace plan and pay for at least a “Lite” personal plan.

Still having this issue!

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