Moving template site from personal workspace to team workspace

Hi there! I’m trying to move a template site I bought from personal workspace to a team workspace that I belong to. When I access the template site’s settings, my team workspace does not show up in the list of possible options for transfer.

Please advise! Thanks!

The old accounts and team accounts are being migrated to workspace, and before it happens, you can’t move sites from the new ones to the old ones. And for certain, Support can’t do it manually for you, nor will accelerate the migration of your old team account.

I heard of a workaround: make the site CLONEABLE (Share it and allow to make it cloneable), then clone it to your old Team plan. Do that quick so no one else has the time to steal it.

Haven’t tried, I’m not taking responsibility on this.

Can I ask where you heard this? Just trying to find out more information. Also, how long does it normally take for a site that is clonable to be visible on the market? It’s been hours.