Client side filtering of collection - ie. website user filters property listings by price range

I would love this feature. Basically the ability to allow website users to filter collections - i.e. Property listings - filter by price/location/.

At present using Webflow, I could set up separate pages for different price ranges and have links to these for the user - i.e. Between €200,000 - €300,000. It’d be great if this was more dynamic in that I gave this power to the user to filter exactly as they need.

Is this on the roadmap?


I second that. Would be very helpful for vistors to narrow down content based on their interests!!!

Same here! I am trying to build isotope filter for dynamic elements

I use tabs and the dynamic content filters to ‘fake’ this feature at the moment.
See an example:

It works, but it’s not optimal…


@kasperkazzual you should use flexbox on that grid so that the heights line up when you have a two-line business type :slight_smile:

Nice work with the filters though!

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Hey @joshh, thanks!

I made that website before Webflow released the flexbox feature, so I still have to update that :wink:

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I completely agree. I think it’s a huge oversight to not have this feature already if this is a real CMS

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@kasperkazzual This comment helped me a ton. Thanks! Because I’m a dummy and was thinking I needed to create separate collections for this at first, I figured it would be worth saying (for any fellow dummies out there :slight_smile: ) that you just paste the same collection under each new tab and just change the filtering options.

Obvious this still isn’t ideal so hopefully the Webflow team will add the ability to add links to filter without having to do this workaround. Just happy it’s working for now though.

Thanks for this post and example. I’ve been trying to fake this as well. Would you be able to add some detail on how you did that on this site?