A Unified Dashboard for CMS Collaborators

So I have an idea! Not sure on the logistics or feasibility as far as website scrapping etc…

but anyway, like most website designers and devleopers I find I have to plugin a lot of different services for clients like; Mailchimp, Ecwid or Google Analytics, which is no problem, but I figure it would be really nice and easy to use for the client if they could access this all from the backend CMS of Webflow, I have created some visuals below as to how this might work.

• Using Mailchimp as an example, in the “Site’s Settings” a tab/pane called “Editor Dashboard” or something…

• From the above section you could create various “Tabs” that will publish to the “Collaborator’s” view (see image below)

• The above site would display in an “Iframe” where the client/collaborator could navigate, in this case, Mailchimp’s website without ever leaving the Webflow CMS.

I think this would create a central place for clients/collaborators to check on the health of their website. You could tie in Google Analytics, Ecommerce services, WuFoo forms etc…

I’m interested on everyone’s thoughts!


seems like something that would be done far in the future. but why not just open a new browser tab?

@PixelGeek lol! yeah I know what you mean, but I often find that I want them to be able to access their entire online business in one place, for ease of management, rather than having multiple tabs open and flitting between the two, why not all in one place.

Maybe a luxury at this stage in the game though :smile:

This would be fantasitc!

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