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Improved Client Billing: why can I only set up monthly billing?

The improvements is great, but why can I only set up monthly billing and not annual like on “normal” billing plans? Now the clients has to deal with accounting for the site every month instead of just once a year…

Also; the new feature where I can set up whats going to show on the credit card statement is great! Can this be implemented on normal billing too? At least automatically show the site name on the credit card statement. I have 20-30 Webflow sites. They all show up as “” on my credit card statements.

annual her:


And about issue 2 - wow :slight_smile: Great Idea.

@Siton_Systems yes, for normal hosting plans you can choose Annual or Monthly, but not in Client Billing… as far as I can see… :confused:

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@Christoffer Yea we don’t support this yet, but we are highly considering it. Vote here to move it up the list.


@Lindapham Thanks, will vote!

Please also mention my “site-name-on-credit-card-statement-on-all-Webflow-sites” idea on next coffee break with the billing team too :wink:

Oh can you add that as a new wish on the wishlist :pray: