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Client Billing billing emails now come with PDF receipts

Hi friends, we’re bringing forum posts back for feature announcements. Ahem …

If you use Client Billing to charge your clients for hosting, you might have been getting this email each month:

“Hi it’s me, Mr. Client again — can you send a PDF receipt of that last hosting payment? We need it for our important business records.”

So you’d have to download it from your account, then send it their way. Not efficient, to be sure.

But thankfully, that’s no longer the case: now we attach a PDF receipt to the email clients get each month when hosting charges go through, so both you and your client can go back to doing … whatever the heck it is that you wanna do.

Keeping doing your thing, people. Keep it up.



I noticed I am receiving a copy of the client PDF invoices and it has “Webflow-In” as the starting title to the PDF document. How can this be disabled? This is very important as we whitelabel our client billing.


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Hi Mike - thanks for pointing that out. I’ve filed a ticket internally and we’ll work on getting that updated.

Hey @brjohnson i have the opposite question/request :slight_smile:
When i send the invoice to my clients there is my name on it (which is weird because i’m not charging them).
In France it means they will declare to the french administration they pay me monthly for something i’m not collecting. Which can bring me problems.

It also can bring problems to webflow since it means that you don’t declare what you collect to the french administration.

Already discussed about this with @Waldo

You guys need to consider this seriously, and make it at least as an option fast (changing the label).
We can discuss about this in private if you want.
Didn’t even mentioned the VAT issue.

Hope you ll help with this…


Thanks for bringing this up @zbrah - will circulate internally and see what it’d take to resolve this, and will reach out directly if we have any questions for you.


Thanks a lot @brjohnson :slight_smile:

@mikejh300 We’ve pushed a change that strips Webflow from the filename prefix, so the white labeling inconsistency should be resolved now.

@zbrah We’re working on an update to Client Billing settings that will give you the option to use Webflow’s name in the invoice, rather than your own. We’re also giving you the option to turn off this PDF attachment entirely. These updates should be live soon, and I’ll ping the thread when they’re in production.



Even better :smiley:

Thanks for taking this seriously and acting so quickly.


Hi @vincent @zbrah and @mikejh300 - closing the loop here, these updates are live.

Now you can control invoice settings under the billing tab of your project settings by editing the client you have setup with Client Billing.

Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues!


Also, turning custom branding off will remove their company information from old invoices as well – just in case you want to download them again to resend to your customers.

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@brjohnson and @Lindapham thank you so much for having taken this issue seriously, and having acted so fast. It was very important for our market, I know it’s going to put @zbrah in a way smoother situation, and it’s giving me the opportunity to finally use Client Billing and ease the pain on having to deal with yearly plans for my clients by myself.

Triple dog thank you!


Thanks a lot @brjohnson it’s exactly what we needed. :slight_smile:
Thanks you so much for pushing the fix so fast.
Have a nice day,

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