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Client Billing and Automated Invoices


When I charge a client through Client Billing and host their site through Webflow, will Webflow send the client a monthly invoice when they make their payment? This is important for me. If Webflow does do this, it’s great because then I won’t have to send out manually done invoices which will take a long time to do!

If Webflow doesn’t do automated invoices, what can you guys recommend I do?

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I believe the client is being billed automatically and an email is being sent to the client as-well (at least I receive an email every time a client is being charged ). Not sure how that email is looking but probably acts as an invoice. Best would be to get confirmation form the support team directly.

They do. You don’t need to run a manual process. This was announced in Nov 2018.

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Thank you!!! I really appreciate your help!