Webflow client billing - monthly or annually?

Hi need some help please. I’m just in the painful process of trying to convince a client to let me build their website on my account and bill them the hosting fee. I’m struggling to find the correct information and don’t want to make a mistake in this process. Can I charge them monthly or annually and is there a difference in the hosting price structure for both options? For example ($16/24 for CMS)

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Hi @johnminshall

To understand Webflow’s Client Billing better, check these helpful resources first:


If after reading these you still have questions, we will gladly answer them.

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I did read those but I couldn’t find anywhere that mentions what the pricing is for a monthly cms hosted client billed site. If it is the same as the public pricing structure are we forced to charge them the higher monthly $24 fee? As this with the added 5% handling fee takes the monthly cost dangerously close to what it would cost them to create their own lite account and add cms hosting on a yearly plan ($16+$16)

I hope that made sense.

Yes I think I understand you.

Currently, Client Billing is only available on monthly basis, and the monthly CMS hosting is $20.

Platform fees are only charged on sites that have Client Billing set up with monthly profits. So if you aren’t earning any profit on your clients’ sites, there’s no platform fee.

Is this helpful?

Hi Anna,
Very helpful.

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Anytime @johnminshall

Good luck with your client.

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