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Billing monthly + upfront design fee?


Is there any way or plans to have a way to charge a design fee + monthly hosting?

In other words, if I wanted to bill a client $500 up front and then $20/mo thereafter, how would I do this using Webflow’s client billing?

Or, what is an alternative to this? Any other options I could use to do something like this?


Using a separate invoicing system tends to be the way most people go. I’m a huge fan of Hiveage myself, as the interface is clean, they have a good number of features and you can use a custom domain. That said, there are plenty of other alternatives including Freshbooks, Square and many, many more (including the host-it-yourself Pancake App – of which I have a license that’s no longer being used if anyone is interested).

I haven’t tested it myself, but it might be possible, using the Client Billing function, to charge them a large amount for the first month and then adjust it down afterwords. If it can operate that way, you’d want to ensure the billed amount gets ajusted after the first charge, or else you’ll have a very angry client on your hands.

I’ve also seen other companies that don’t charge an upfront cost, just a higher monthly/yearly cost.

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Hi, I’ve found Wave to be a good solution for invoicing and it’s free.


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Thanks guys for the replies. I was actually looking at Waves just now. I was wondering, I can’t seem to find it on their site, is there a way to charge the client monthly automatically, or do you always have to send an invoice reminder and have them do it manually?

If you open invoices in your Wave account, you can schedule a recurring invoice quite easily from there.


Right, but what I’m unsure about is whether or not it will automatically charge the clients card monthly or if they have to do it manually?

Sorry for the confusion.

The electronic invoice that Wave sends out does have a link which allows the customer to pay by card. Wave actually integrates with Stripe for processing payments. I don’t think Stripe can process recurring payments from cards because it cannot store CVC codes for security reasons, so I don’t think you can set up recurring charges, I may be wrong.

zipbooks is also good and it is free

Stripe can most definitely automatically charge cards on a monthly (or similar) basis. It can be done through the dashboard and invoicing solutions can also charge automatically if they’ve chosen to add the feature. Not sure if Wave does, but I know Hiveage does.