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Client Billing- Editor ability

Hey Webflow Members,
I just wanna ask, if we set up Client billing, will the client be able to edit or add CMS content to his website.
And how can we set that up?

Thanks for advices, solutions and support

Kaleem Cheema

Welcome to the community @kaleemcheema!

The client billing is separate from CMS functionality, and only determines how the project is billed monthly or yearly. As long as the site was setup with CMS Site plan, your client has the ability to login to the Editor and update content as needed. Keep in mind they can only create collection items, not entire collections.

If you’re setting up a blog for example, you would first create a Blog Post collection in the Designer with all of the fields necessary and design how each item would appear on the page. When the client logs into the Editor, they would have the ability to create a new Blog Post item using those fields that’s added to the collection and shown on the page as you designed it.

Hopefully that answers your question!

Hey Mikeyevin
Thanks for the explanation
And yes, I have got clear answers to my question