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How do I clone a page from one webflow website so that I can add the same design layout to another webflow website?

We have just spent hours building a blog on a website but it is no longer relevant to the website that we built it on. We want to use the same design for an alternative site but don’t want to waste hours trying to build it a second time. Is there a way we can clone the new blog we have built so the resources are not wasted?

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This article may help :smile:

Then delete all the pages you don’t need

The website that I want to add it to already exists so I don’t want to replace the entire thing, just add it to an existing site. Is there another way?

That is not possible. The page inherits different styles from each project, and it’s technically not possible to implement that as there are many dependencies.

Even if the site’s design layout is virtually identical? That sucks.

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