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3 problems when cloning projects

Hey guys, I’ve been building a lot of websites lately and I often clone existing sites as the basis for the new ones. This is necessary since we can’t yet copy components across sites, however I’ve encountered a few glitched during the clone process.

  1. During the Duplicate process, trying to switch tabs in the settings causes an error

  2. Certain site-specific settings such as Google Analytics ID are cloned without warning. If the designer is not aware, they will damage their analytics data on the Clone-source site - even when working with the internally hosted WEBFLOW.IO version.

  3. Redirects are cloned, and then locked down so that they cannot be removed or fixed. In the new site, these usually will not relate to the new website’s content or design and may cause conflicts with the new page hierarchy. However it cannot be fixed until hosting is enabled.

Here’s a demonstration-


thank you so much for the very detailed post and video recording. It really helps explain the bugs and improvements that we can do to the platform in context.

I’ll work on a bug report for our engineers immediately.

Once I hear back, I’ll reply to this thread.

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