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"Clean Up Styles" reports used classes as unused

When troubleshooting an issue with the Tabs widget rendering strange (tab titles floated left against tab content), I wanted to make sure I had no conflicting classes, so I checked “Clean Up Styles” to see what was not being used.

I was surprised to see a couple of my classes, “header” and “footer”, listed. Coincidentally, my header and footer sections (using those classes) are separate Symbols.

Thoughts on this? Expected behavior? Bug?

I’m going to keep digging, and try the cleanup after a backup, but wanted to drop a note here to gather any advice.

Well, cleaning up the styles had no adverse impact on my Symbols’ styles – looks like those were preserved.

I’ll open a new thread re: my tabs issue.

Hi, like you, sometimes, I was skeptical about the classes listed and had doubts. Now I can assure you I’ve been cleaning and cleaning and cleaning again on large projects and never encountered any bug, never had a used class cleared. I’m now in total confidence with the feature.

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