Cannot delete unused classes

Classes from a deleted symbol cannot be deleted even after the symbol is unlinked and deleted and the elements on all pages are deleted. For example: I’m not using the class “Form Wrapper” anymore, yet Webflow detects it on 13 pages.

Also Webflow detects instances of a class which aren’t available anymore. example:
I have 14 "nav link"s in one page only. Webflow says I also have 303 "nav link"s on other pages, which is not true.

Thanks for pointing this out! We’ll dig into it. Can you provide your subdomain (pm me if its private).

I’d like to confirm that I am experiencing this. Also the same behaviour as explained in this similar post.

I created button classes and I am trying to remove all of them to redo it all. They were used in several symbols which have now been unlinked and removed. I have removed every class from every button but still cant seems to clean up the styles.

Would be nice to have a delete option in the edit classes panel. It would obviously be disabled if it had dependancies but if not the delete button would be active.

@andyjames this is a known bug with symbols. It requires some rework for us to fix it. Sorry for the inconvenience! @Anna_Kelian how were you able to clear your styles?

I don’t know really. I went to delete all unused style before closing the designer and I was surprised I had 28 unused styles, when I checked the names , I saw they were the ones i couldn’t delete before. So, i cleared them and they were gone forever.

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