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Class based interactions in IX 2.0 Beta

I’m trying to trigger an animation in the beta version of interactions 2.0 but don’t seem to be able to find out how to trigger an animation using a different element than the one I am animating.

In legacy interactions, you simply ticked the ‘Affect another element’ box and added the element name.

Am I missing a trick or is this just not a feature of interactions 2.0?

Hi @andybentley, thanks for the question.

There are a few features that are not turned on yet:

Dynamic item interactions: Interactions applied to one dynamic node will only apply to that node at the moment.

Class based interactions: Right now interactions are limited to the specific elements you set them on - they will not work on a class level.

Symbols: Right now interactions will not work across symbols

When there is a beta version release that affects these items, I will post an update.