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Interactions 2 - applying animation to hidden elements

The problem with Interactions 1.0 was that you couldn’t apply an interaction to a subclass, which was a pain when you wanted to make general class changes to the basic classes.
It seemed 2.0 might solve this problem as it allowed the selection of class and sub-class elements, but, if you can’t see them - as in a model - you can’t select them.
I have tried creating the animation then using the Replace Class section, but that doesn’t seem to work either.
Am I missing something?

many people have the same problem. Currently there is only this solution

Thanks Alex, I hadn’t seen that thread.
Using the Replace Class section it seems to indicate you can select a class and a subclass, but in testing today I could only make it work on the class… That’s a real pain, off to the Wish List.

But you can use subclasses. Not sure I understand what the problem is.

You’re right, my bad.

In my defence I was using a div wrapper to manage the visibility of 7 modals and failed to include that in the interaction - I can see now that it does recognise subclasses.

I like IX2 a lot but I don’t find it terribly intuitive… Thanks for your help.

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