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Loving IX 2 Beta so far!


I just started playing around with IX 2, and I must say that that it is pretty fun. There is a learning curve when it comes to relearning how to do 1.0 interactions again in the new system and of course the new 2.0 interactions.

One thing that I think could be improved, would be the ability to have a dropdown that displays interactions that you have already built but for single elements. Right now there is the on page interactions in their own little section, what I’m essentially pitching is a section similar, but for interactions that you have already built for singular elements, so you can find them quickly on other pages or just to place on another element that you would like to have the interaction on.

So it would have a list similar to IX 1 but with more detail like IX 2.


Of course, you guys are amazing and might already have something like this in the pipeline!

Thank you for all hard work you guys are putting into this product, and I’m happy to be playing around with IX 2!


How did you get IX 2 working?

It’s in closed beta stage - only those who registered via the IX2 site have a chance to see it earlier.

(I say chance because I’m not in yet despite already signing up for it)

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Right. Okay, same here. It looks like I didn’t get into that closed beta. Excited for the production release!

Is there any ETA on interactions 2.0??

Hey Guys,

I´m loving IX 2.0 so far. Does anybody of you know, if there is the “wait for assets” controller for page loading events?

@codyarsenault no as I know from @cyberdave there is no exact date planned for the final release, because they want to fixe all bugs that could happen within the beta.

Best Maurice

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@Maurice Create an interaction under “on current page” then select create a custom action under “when page finishes loading” (same as wait for assets). Seems to be a new term because there is now a when page starts loading trigger as well.

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@DigtalCrusader thank you, I think this did the job :blush:

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