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I am working with a client ( They provided me with a link to set up an account, but with every browser I try I get the third-party cookie error. I have tried

Mac: Safari, Chrome, FireFox
Win10: Edge, IE, Chrome

All are set to accept cookies, including 3rd party. Have tried incognito mode on all as well.

Any suggestions will b most appreciated.


Here is my site Read-Only:

My client is having the same issue.

Looks like my client had already used the link to create a login and when he passed it over to me, it didn’t work. The whole cookie error should be looked at because, from what I can see, it’s less a cookie issue and more an expired/used link to sign up as collaborator.

From what I can tell, the collaborator invitation link can only be used once. The error comes up blaming the browser’s cookie settings looks to me like WebFlow has an incomplete error checking routine which is not accounting for a used collaboration link. Perhaps the last message it tosses our is the cookie error message, even though that might not be it.

I’d try sending the collaboration link again to jus tone person and make sure they’re the only one who tries to sign up.

Hope this helps!

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