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Checkout failing for customers on Safari

In the last month we’ve had a surge of customers complaining they cannot checkout on our site (seeing standard error message when attempting to pay by card). After chatting with each and everyone one we’ve found they’re all Safari browser users.

We’ve suggested that they use google chrome and when they do their orders go through no problem. Yet something is blocking them from checking out with Safari. I saw a thread not so long ago about Web payments (apple pay) causing problems on Safari a few months ago.

I wonder if it’s that? Is anyone else experiencing similar issues with their sites?

Experiencing the same issues here. Did you find a solution?
Safari has an error with the security when you click on “Buy Now”. It acts as if the site is not SSL protected.

Test it out for yourself here:

This seems like a technical issue, and we’re here to help. It is likely we’ll need to investigate and discuss your private account details. Could you please contact our Customer Support Team at

One of our Customer Support Team Specialists will be able to investigate and respond via email! Thank you so much!

We did not, and we’ve only had more checkout errors growing over this last year. One, for example, is where a customer would checkout & pay, the money would go into our stripe account; however, no order would be created on the Webflow backend and no receipt email sent to the customer or us. It was like the order never even occurred; we wouldn’t even have known there was an issue until the customer reached out to us.

Also, because the error message and identification at checkout is so vague, customers can get general errors, but Webflow won’t direct them as to what the error is. For example, we spent a whole night with a customer trying to diagnose why she couldn’t check out, only for it to be because Webflow didn’t like what she entered in the city field. Yet, the error message wouldn’t guide her to that problem.

Another example is when a customer has an item in their cart that becomes sold out while they’re checking out. Webflow again will throw an error and not let the customer know why; if they don’t refresh their page for their cart items to show that they are now out of stock, they just leave and don’t come back.

We’ve tolerated it for a year, but after waiting so long on their next set of updates and nothing being for store management or bettering the checkout experience, I think it’s time to pack up shop. I can see eCommerce really isn’t going to get the support it needs any time soon. Which, let’s be honest, is fair; Webflow isn’t primarily eCommerce saas. However, when its pricing is in the same area as eCommerce saas that has been in the space for over a decade, I expect a fully-functional checkout and decent store management capabilities. So off to Shopify for 2022; I do hope Webflow eCommerce gets the love it deserves eventually though.