Job Board Email Alerts

Hi there,

I am in the process of building a website for a recruitment agency. I was curious whether anybody knows how I can build an email alert functionality for the job board.

For example, John Doe can opt-in to get email alerts on a daily/weekly/monthly basis containing information on new roles in XYZ industry in ABC location on a full-time/part-time/casual/etc contract

I don’t mind whether this can be done natively or using an integration; even just a nudge in the right direction would be handy.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

Are you using the Webflow CMS as your central data store for the job listings? If so, that’s challenging, because there isn’t a way to query it effectively.

You’ve identified 3 dimensions - industry, location, and work-arrangement.

You’d have to mirror it to an external system where you could more easily look up the information you need for each person’s filter-based alert. Perhaps check out powerimporter pro, and whalesync to see about syncing your list to Airtable. There you can query it more easily, and build out your notifications system using that as a datastore.

Hey Michael,

To the rescue again! Yes the job board is built using Webflow CMS. Is there another alternative that would allow us to maintain the same functionality that jetboost offers (search, filtering, sorting and favouriting) you would recommend?

I’ll look into these services and see if I can find a solution, thanks very much!

Hi Reiss,

This is tricky to do inside of Webflow. I think you’d really have to sit down and try to work out a set of requirements on this that are as Webflow-compatible as possible.

I can think of some ways to get single dimensions, like location or industry, but combining them is difficult because of the 100 collection list item limit.

Even with Jetboost, you can only filter on the data in the page. If you try to de-paginate the lists with script, you’re doing a page request for every 100 total listings, which means… 10,000 job listings = 100 page requests. That would be very slow.

I’m thinking about growth here, so that would worry me.

If you’re working with a much smaller dataset and can successfully build a filtered results page that you like, then I’d use that as the basis for the notifications. Build in URL parameters so you can recreate that filter view, and then have an external system that scans that page nightly for each user’s saved query, checking to see if the top item is new. If it is, there are updates, and they get an email version of those results.

But I’m thinking mostly design approaches here, from a tools approach, there’s nothing I’m aware of that really does any of this for you.

Wized and Xano are good for building more complex interfaces, serverless functions, and data storage. Powerimporter and Whalesync can sync your data to Airtable which makes it more “liquid” and queryable. But as far as I know the notifications system would be 100% custom.

Mailjet is a great choice for transactional emails.

Hi @reissmackay,

This is totally doable.

I don’t know of anything out of the box that’s plug-n-play, maybe someone else does.

But here’s how I’d approach it.

I’ll be using:

  • Airtable
  • Webflow CMS
  • Make (Integromat)
  • Email provider (I like ConvertKit)

Here’s the quick high-level build:


You’re going to use Webhooks to automatically get jobs out of your Webflow CMS.

My Webflow Webhook Creator tool is the quick & easy solution here:

Add a new job (or update / delete an existing job) to the Webflow CMS and it’s automatically sent ( and / or updated) in Airtable.


Airtable has a handy new feature, Webhooks! :smile:

Follow my Airtable Webhooks tutorial.

Instead of submitting from a Webflow form (shown in the tutorial), add the Airtable Webhook URL into my Webhook Creator tool.

Easy peasy.

Airtable Forumla’s

You’re going to create 4 views in an airtable base:

  1. All
  2. Daily
  3. Weekly
  4. Monthly

Your Webhook sends Jobs from your Webflow CMS into Airtable. Airtable filters those based upon the jobs creation date.

Here’s what that looks like:

Note, my date today is:

Screen Shot 2023-01-26 at 12.34.53 PM


The daily filter is easy, Airtable gives you that out of the box:

For Weekly and Monthly you need to create an Airtable Formula and then filter on that.

Here are the 2 formula’s I whipped up in about 10 minutes (I was bit rusty):

IF((WEEKNUM(DATEADD(NOW(), -1, 'week')) = WEEKNUM({Date Created})), 'last week', '-')
IF((WEEKNUM(DATEADD(NOW(), -1, 'month')) = WEEKNUM({Date Created})), 'last month', '-')

Filtering Weekly & Monthly

Now, just filter on those in each view:

Make (Integromat)

Great, you have all your data moved (automatically) from the Webflow CMS, into Airtable, and Airtable is sorting all of that for you :exploding_head:

Powerful, right?

Next you need to populate an email with those results, and send them!

I like to use Make (Integromat) for this.

It’s powerful, flexible, and for like $9/mo you it just can’t be beat.

  • Create a new Make Scenario.

  • Search and select Airtable.

Set it up like this:

This will be the daily email.

Notice you can set your formula’s here, too. I like doing it in Airtable, it’s nice opening up Airtable and scanning through all my data filtered the way I want to see it. Also, easier to debug when things go wrong.

Next, schedule this Scenario to run everyday:

What I’m not showing here is…

  • You’ll need to grab all the jobs listed in that Airtable view.
  • Search for and select your email providers module in Make.
  • Create an email broadcast (from Make) in your email provider (ConvertKit).
  • Send it to all subscribers tagged with “daily” from Make.

Wash, rinse & repeat for Weekly and Monthly:

Are there better, more efficient ways of doing this with what I’ve just shown?


This was just a quickie walk through.

Sky’s the limit :smile:

Hope that helps!

CHRIS!! Oh my days that was a thrilling journey from start to finish! Thank you so much for spelling it out for me!

I do have one question before I do a lap of the internet, setting up different accounts :sweat_smile:

Is it possible to filter the results further again by Industry and Location preferences set by the subscriber?

Thanks again!