Hi everyone! I’m working in webflow.I have a job board project where people can apply for jobs,events,fundings.My client wants a recommendation like when they come on the site if they are from US then our website will show them US based jobs if he search a backend job then website will show him mostly backend jobs like youtube do.Is it possible to achieve with webflow with some custom code or any plugin or tool?
Looking forward for an expert!

I’m not sure what a “backend” job it, but if you’re asking about location detection and delivering results that are specific to a location then yes you can do that.

The way I generally do it is-

  • Build out the complete job listings, in the CMS
  • Use FS Load and FS Filter to make it navigable, and your location selection is one of those filters
  • Use custom script with a GeoIP service to determine the location, and auto-select the location for the default filtering.
  • Save the last selection in a cookie, because if the user changes it, e.g. based in the UK, checking job in FR, you don’t want to refresh it to UK listings every time they visit the page.