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Checkboxes in drop-down list and select field list

Sometimes it is convenient to have checkboxes in a drop-down list/ select field list, so as to make selection of multiple choices user-friendly. It’d be nice to have this feature.

Hi @uzzer, great idea for a built in feature for the dropdown list. This can also be done by holding the alt key and dragging a checkbox item from the add element panel into a dropdown list item.

Hm, I just tried alt+drag of a checkbox item into a select field item (“select field item” = “dropdown list item”?) but nesting was not allowed.

Hi, @uzzer ok, for a select item that is not possible yet. I am changing the title for this wish list :slight_smile: I was referring to the Dropdown widget or List Item. It is still a good idea :slight_smile:

I am dumb, I noticed only now that the drop-down list exists as a widget :smiley: I thought drop-down list and select field were the same thing…

Hi @uzzer, you are using Webflow. That makes you pretty smart in my book :wink: No worries, if there are any other questions, let me know :slight_smile: