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UX suggestion: Make it easier to select groups

I have been using Webflow intensively for almost a week and one of the things I tend to do all the time is. Select a component, press UP a few times to select the group, repeat this. For example things like div containers, ul’s, etc you know.

Perhaps if you can speed this up a bit. A suggestion would be to interactively be able to select groups. For example when you hold down CMD (or CTRL on Windows) you will go into group selection mode, it will only highlight groups. Important thing is that it can ‘see through’ other groups, like a section and select groups underneath.

This would make my workflow faster in Webflow. :smile:


Totally @Benzai_san this is a great idea. In Webflow there actually is no idea of “groups”, but only parent elements. I guess you can say that a Row is a group that holds 4 Columns or a List is one that holds several list items. With this CMD-click to you imagine it going to the higher parent element with each click?

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Yes @thesergie that was what I meant with ‘groups’. Just the parent of an element. Perhaps it would be needed to give the selection highlight another color to indicate you are about to select a group. Just some ideas. :smile:

Oooh I like it! Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll see what we can do.


Totally agree, this would be a huge speed boost in work flow. Awesome idea @Benzai_san

I’d like to add : i’ve discovered the arrow keys shortcuts to navigate parents/childs hierarchy (up down) and siblings (left right)… and I work considerably faster since.

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Same. I’m addicted to these arrow keys. I’m going to try to make it more obvious in a ui design update.

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I mapped UP and RIGHT on the first two hotkeys of my Wacom, so my right hand focuses on changing values. Works not bad!