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Custom checkboxes, radio buttons and selection elements in forms

Webflow is a great tool to build sites that communicate information forward, yet it is not so rich in terms of getting feedback form users visiting those sites. I doubt any site owner would ever say it’s OK to miss engagement opportunities.

I’m asking you to fix that by introducing a light feature allowing us to customize checkboxes, radio buttons and selection elements in forms. Why those matter most? Because people are lazy and would rather point & click than type. Think of Webflow VS writing HTML+CSS code :wink:

If you are ready to go one step further, consider introducing more complex logic forms (AKA online calculators) or/and native site chat.



Although I support the demand for extra functionality for feedback from users, I consider pointing new functionality out as something that needs fixing a bit rude.

I’m sure you’ve seen the designer, and realize that the people at Webflow have to make decisions about what to include and what to hide in the panels. Sure, I’d like to have extensive flexbox customization, and more paragraph styling. But the fact that you know those things are possible, you can also do a little custom code to make it work. Plus, if you’ve made it work, it just makes your website more unique because not everybody that can Webflow, can (re-)make your site.

Duplicate of Support for styling form select, radio, and checkboxes (and other default browser styles)