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Additional form features

Your form implementation works really well and is so simple. To make it really fantastic could you add:
Drop down lists
Radio Buttons
Check boxes
BCC in data send
and possibly, but not as urgent as the above, content detection within the fields, i.e. detect an email has been configured properly and detect numbers only in a telephone field etc, all pretty standard stuff.

Keep the good work up, looking forward to the multi page release - how’s that going…


All these forms features are coming up soon! We’re almost done with multiple pages. Just polish and small bug fixes. Thanks for your patience!

I would also appreciate the integration of checkboxes and radio buttons. Just today I was working on a form and what was missing was the checkbox, but I’ll work around that for now by manually adding it.

Webflow is kicking ass and I hope to see lots of great new features in the future.

Another nice to have: The ability to edit the success/error messages after form submission. Obviously lower priority than more widgets, but would be nice. (For the time being, maybe just remove at least one of the exclamation points from the standard success message :wink:

@ramatsu You can select the Form element or Form Wrapper element and choose the Success “State”. You can add anything or remove anything to it.

@PixelAce @ramatsu We just pushed the ability to add in drop down lists:

Checkboxes coming next!

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Awesome - hope radio buttons will be in there too.

Hi Guys
Radio buttons…?
Check boxes…?

The addition of them will make the forms a lot more comprehensive, at the moment we can’t set terms and conditions with check box acknowledgement and multi selections via dropdowns isn’t always ideal etc etc


Haha I feel you! It’s one of the next things on the list my friend. Thanks for waiting so looong!


Hey Guys,

Almost fell off my chair when i couldn’t find the raido or checkbox’s but i get it, lots to do. Will embed code for now.

Reasoning why its important:
When you have a set number of options you can show on the screen at once, e.g. multiple choice, you get a higher fill rate than it being hidden away in a select box.

And then if your using select box’s for diverse options like country field, then using a “” Select Search feature is preferred so you can quickly get to the option.

Last thought when you add check box’s and radio groups, if you can make it customisable similar to the select box’s e.g so you can have a touch friendly 40px radio button. that would be ideal. as the regular tick and radio is not as friendly on mobile.

For myself building Software User Interfaces instead of marketing sites, Forms are the bread and butter. Keen to see this evolve.

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Hey @thesergie, I’m amazed every day by how quickly you guys are adding massive, awesome features and functionality.

Any chance you’ll be able to give radio buttons and checkboxes a little love soon though? Most forms that I do need those, and their absence in webflow is feeling pretty out of sync with how sophisticated the platform is becoming.

I’ll second @PixelAce’s “Pleeeeeease…”

Hey guys, I’m working on this next - hoping to have it out next week! :smiley:


Looking forward guys! Webflow is so cool I made a whole website in half of time doing in Indesign, almost three times faster than in Photoshop (hope soon everybody realise that :smiley:)

Checking in on those radiobuttons and checkboxes as they would be necessary for several of my projects.
Loving this platform and hoping these get added very soon

They have been in place for quite some while… enjoy.

What about rating buttons? Like stars or hearts? Any prevision?

Hey @thesergie! Any update on when/if we’re going to get BCC in our Form tab? You guys rock as always.

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