Checkboxes and GDPR

I’ve set up a new enquiry contact form, which is probably ok but just to cover the bases with GDPR legislation in the UK and EU, I want to add the two following checkboxes to a form:
“YES, I do give consent”
“NO, I do not give consent”

One of the checkboxes needs to be selected before the form can be submitted. Is this simple to do or should I use a Select field?

Edit: I know this is possible with Mailchimp but for the time being I’d like to be able to do this with Webflow.

Hi, if the choice is oneor the other, you should use radio buttons. Checkboxes by nature can be all checked or unchecked. So use radio buttons and chose wether you have one or the other option selected by default, or none (noe I guess).

Then use CSS (style panel) to make your submit button invisible (display none most likely).

Then use Interactions to make the button show up when users click on any of the radio options. As you can’t go back to a state where none is selected, the form can’t be sent without one or the other option checked.


Thank you Vincent. :wink:

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BTW. There’s more info on GDPR in these topics:


Thanks Martijn. Guess I’ll have to wait till then. In the mean time I put a consent/non consent dropdown that needs to be selected before the form is submitted.

That might be a ‘good’ temporary solution.
I hope Webflow will announce the good news on the 11th of April, and also gets GDPR compliance as soon as possible.

Otherwise a lot of EU Webflow users might be in for ‘a treat’ - blocking all form submission for starters, but it might be best to just disable the (webflow) site, or export it and rebuild in on a server withini the EU.

(personally i hope Webflow will start using a server in the EU, and also gets some options about storing user-data. I’m keeping my hopes up, because it’s already almost no option to rebuild all of my Webflow sites before the 25 of May.

Hi there,

I’m attempting to build a GDPR complaint Mailchimp Integrated form in Webflow but since I cannot connect the Webflow checkboxes to the Mailchimp Groups the form remains non-compliant. Since you also cannot embed Mailchimp forms on Webflow this poses an even greater issue.

Is there a solution or does this mean Mailchimp cannot be used?

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