GDPR & Webflow websites

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I see very little online here about the upcoming GDPR regulations.
We have clients asking about GDPR compliant websites.
I’m assuming that Webflow themselves will be covering their part with their online enquiry forms, etc…
However if a user is receiving client information (say through an enquiry form) and storing, say in their email or elsewhere, does this mean they themselves need to be GDPR compliant in how they chose to store this data or is it up to the Web Developer? Just curious to know people’s thoughts on this…

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Thanks for raising this question. I have been hearing about this myself and did not know what to make of it.

This article breaks it down in an easy to understand way. Hope it is helpful to someone;

Thanks Alex! From that I have taken if a business is using a web form that get’s captured in an email to their info mailbox, then it’s really up to them, how they decide to keep this data?

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That was my takeaway as well. There is no way to really verify how data is handled.

If there was, that would be invasion of privacy in itself. :grinning:

But Webflow keeps form submissions in their own database and thus it gets stored on their server. That means user-data gets stored and then Webflow needs to comply tot the GDPR (and AVG in the Netherlands). If Webflow does not store them, and it uses SSL, then it might be a different story.

Hope to see feedback from Webflow on this soon, because right now using Webflow in the EU does probably not comply.

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Here is our official blog post about this: