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Mailchimp + new GDPR form fields

I’m trying to update our company’s Mailchimp forms to comply with GDPR. I selected the new GDPR fields asking for Marketing permissions. However, by default, the tick options (eg. Email, Direct Marketing…) are empty. Up to now on our form, we had a question asking people if they were ok to be contacted by email. That information now lives in a separate field.

As we already have the information that people accept to be contacted by email, is there any way to transfer this existing data into the GDPR fields (therefore ticking the ‘Email’ option)?

The GDPR data doesn’t appear on the main contact list or the export list, it’s only contained within the individual profiles so it seems the only way is updating manually (for hundreds of contacts!).

Any advice? Otherwise we’ll have to re-ask the question to people, which is not ideal, as they’ve already given us their consent.

Spent quite some time reading Mailchimp’s articles about GDPR, and they say they will do what’s necessary, but so far, there’s one thing I don’t get.

GDPR clearly says that the data from Europeans, even if it(s just an email address, MUST be stored in Europe. And Mailchimp says nothing about that, nothing at all.

So, so far, to my understanding, and unless things drastically change since May 25th, there is absolutely no way to do anything with Mailchimp and be GDPR compliant. I keep thinking I must be wrong, but this morning I talked to marketing people handling tons of websites and they said I’m not, that they ceased using Mailchimp years ago because of that and that nothing changed.

Also, a general advice for designers here:

Don’t go to your clients and claim you can make their online things compliant with GDPR. It’s not your responsibility, nor your problem, nor your duty, nor your expertise. You can inform them about GDPR. Have them give you clear directions, that they should discuss with their lawyers. Don’t become responsible for something you shouldn’t be.


The time, I received an email from Webflow about GDPR I was worried. I slept thinking on idea of going through all of my clients websites to fix this issue and have the same conversation with people who will not get why their forms are not going to work.

Then I wake up decided that I delivered everything as promised knowing nothing about GDPR. I did not lied or withheld info before hand because I did not know nothing about GDPR before the Webflow email. So I’m OK with myself now.

So completely agree with @vincent Thanks.

GDPR check boxes are empty for a good reason. Your subscriber MUST click on them. They MUST not be prefilled.

Otherwise, the concerns that you all state are very valid.


  • location where the GDPR, in fact mailChimp handled data is stored
  • export of GDPR fields

Unless these two issues are solved I don’t see MailChimp as a tool to use. Sadly…

Hi there,

I’m attempting to build a GDPR complaint Mailchimp Integrated form in Webflow but since I cannot connect the Webflow checkboxes to the Mailchimp Groups the form remains non-compliant as subscribers can’t placed int eh necessary groups. Since you also cannot embed Mailchimp forms on Webflow this poses an even greater issue.

Is there a solution or does this mean Mailchimp cannot be used?

read only:

Does anyone have any suggestions what could be used instead of MailChimp to connect with Webflow, and that doesn’t have the issues MailChimp does?


Hi @tjthomsonjones, it is possible to embed mailchimp forms in Webflow.

When creating a form in Mailchimp, select the embed option to create an html embed snippet that can be added to the page using our custom code embed widget.

Here are some good resources:

Using custom code in an embed component on the page:

I made an example embed with the default gdpr additional fields added:

See here:

As to transferring a checkbox made in Webflow to the value of a gdpr field, I am not sure if this is possible as those fields are designed to be selected manually. Webflow simply transfers the values of a form field to some field setup on your list created in mailchimp.

I hope this helps