Webflow Forms and European GDPR Laws

Hi @Webflow Team and European Webflow Users,

i am don’t understand why no one else raise up this topic in the past (aside from one other thread about gdpr without a real answer).
In 3 months the EU GDPR regulation will get mandatory for all european website owners.
Also the regulation will get mandatory for all u.s. companies which store data from europeans.

From this date, all personal data (Name, Email,…) collected via a website must stored absolutely secured (especially when they get stored in a cloud service like Webflow)

The good point is: Webflow already makes it possible to ssl secure any webflow hosted website.

The bad thin: As a Webmaster who uses Webflow, i can see all form data of my customers (Names, Phone-Numbers, Email-Adress, Text,…). This simply can’t be gdpr conform.

Secondly: as a Webmaster with european customers i must be able to proof at any time, that the used system (Webflow) is gdpr conform. How should i do that?
Btw. this regulation is no joke and will get investigated by the authorities for sure. Punishment will be 4% of the last year turnover.

Hoping for some answers…



Has there been any official word from Webflow on this? I’d expect them to follow in Mailchimp’s foot steps and release a blog post updating us on this. https://blog.mailchimp.com/getting-ready-for-the-gdpr/

If this isn’t resolved we will be unable to use Webflow forms on our sites.

Thanks and I also look forward to a response.


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@cyberdave Is this something someone at Webflow have looked at for us in this part of the world?

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According to official sources, GDPR compliance is currently in-progress.



Hello! It is March 17. Do we have an update on this issue? @samliew

Hi @pamelacaravas

Sam is not on Webflow staff - neither am I - but just to say if we don’t hear any update on this before - it would be a great question to bring to the livestream Q+A with @PixelGeek and @callmevlad 10am pacific on Tues April 3rd. :slightly_smiling_face:


sam not webflow staff naaa lol

No official statement so far… this sucks Webflow Staff

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I’m surprised/alarmed that Webflow haven’t to date formally addressed GDPR and open Webflow forms for webmasters. I’ll be watching this thread with a close eye!

Hey everyone, thank you for your patience.

We are actively working to make sure that all Webflow services and practices are aligned with the upcoming GDPR regulations, and expect to be fully compliant when the new rules come into effect in May.

On Wednesday, April 11th, we’ll be publishing a detailed post on our blog that will outline that changes that we will be making to our privacy policy, security practices, and our product in order to comply with GDPR requirements. Stay tuned!


@callmevlad Can we, the European Users, fully trust/rely on your efforts and results to make Webflow fully comply with the GDPR requirements before the 25th of May 2018?

The GDPR and the AVG (in the Netherlands) are major issues for all companies and as a web-developer building and hosting multiple sites on/in Webflow, we really need to make sure that Webflow (and thus the data) is GDPR/AVG-proof.

We’re getting questions about the GDPR/AVG more and more and i now have to tell them to wait until the 11th of April.

We’re waiting on the “all GO” that states/declares that Webflow fully complies with the European GDPR.

I’ve heard that the major problem with GDPR is that the (user-)data gets stored in the US. If the data would be stored on a server in the EU, off course with the proper security, that would make quite some clients of us a lot happier.

Another option is to disable storing of the data that web forms now do in Webflow. (every submission gets mailed, but also gets stored.

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Here is our official blog post about this: