Only send data to Mailchimp IF user has given permission

Hi all,

I’m building a GDPR compliant form. The client requires a checkbox/radio/dropdown (whichever one will work, if any) asking the user if they would like to receive news/updates. If the client ticks/selects yes, the subscriber should be added to Mailchimp via Zapier. If they select no, the subscriber should not be added to Mailchimp.

Is this do-able without custom code? If so, please share your method!


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Hi @PChalk1,

You can do this by using Zapier. I think that is the only way without some form of custom code.

I’m currently using Zapier to send data, but I’m not sure how I can restrict adding a Mailchimp subscriber only when a dropdown = yes or when a radio = yes. I think I’ll need to look into the help articles a bit more!

Well you would use the condition selection within your zap that is connected to Mailchimp.

I know this can be done. But you may have to use the checkbox feature for it to work tho. It would be a condition visibility option within Zapier. It would be an extra step within your Zap.

There’s a condition selection? I don’t see any conditionals, I’m super new to Zapier, sorry! I’ve tried using a custom value and don’t see conditionals there either.

Let’s get @rileyrichter in on this chat. He is a whiz with Zapier.

However, you could always just setup a Double Opt-In on your List in Mailchimp. Basically they signup and then it will send them an email through Mailchimp to confirm they want to subscribe, otherwise it wont subscribe them.


If I can’t figure it out, that’s the route I’ll take. @rileyrichter If you are able to offer any assistance that would be amazing!

Updated: Ok I have something working! I added ‘dropdown’ as a field in Mailchimp and added just one option ‘yes’. I also set it to required. When the dropdown isn’t set to yes, the subscriber is not added to Mailchimp. Woohoo!

I wonder if I can swap out the dropdown for a checkbox - there doesn’t seem to be a checkbox field in Mailchimp unfortunately, I’m going to try using the Radio field in Mailchimp but a checkbox in Webflow.

You can set conditions in zapier using filters:

So only continue if user has checked a consent box. That way the data never reaches MailChimp if that is your goal.

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Thanks Sam, managed to get it working with a filter too! The only issue is that it puts me into the $20/m billing plan - my other solution doesn’t but also emails me with an error each time someone doesn’t complete the required ‘yes’ dropdown step. Much prefer using a filter but will have to sell this one to the client.

@PChalk1 it also allows the data to reach MailChimp which may violate GDPR even allowing the data to get to that system without consent. I’m not a lawyer, but might be worth checking that out.

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You also need to consider the implications of using Zapier as well.