I can't see cancelation button for my hosting plan on billing section

I’m a student and I wanted to apply my promotion code for the plan but I accidentally clicked the payment button so it charged 270 bucks immediately from my bank account. So, I tried to look up how to cancel my plan. But, my billing page was different from the showing screenshot on Webflow. There is only a Manage plan button instead of cancelation.

How can I figure it out?

This is what my screen shows.

And this is what the guideline shows.

I suggest you reach out to support. This is not something the community can address.


It looks like you may be looking at the steps from the old article :arrow_upper_right: (for Legacy accounts). Since Webflow is in the process of moving everybody over to Workspaces, there is a new article that reflects the steps you need to follow.

You can check out the updated article here: Manage Site plans | Webflow University

To “Cancel” the plan, you will need to downgrade to the free starter plan instead.

However - you’ll still need to reach out to Webflow Support to request a refund after you have downgraded to the free plan though, since one is not automatically issued upon downgrade :slight_smile: