Reorder projects in CMS to reflect on website?

I have seen a few similar questions but none seem to address the exact issue I am facing.
I am following along with the 21 day Webflow portfolio lesson and when I imported the projects into the CMS from the spreadsheet file it uploaded them in a different order than the lesson videos.
Because of the different order, when I linked to the CMS for the projects as instructed it then displayed them in the incorrect order. If you view the screenshot, the “Architectural website” project is supposed to be at the top, yet I can find no way to change its position in a way that will update the pages linked to the CMS (only seem to be able to sort by the fields above the projects, and that only sorts them visually on that page, not elsewhere in the site.

This may seem like a minor problem in this instance, but if I am going to be using this platform to build my portfolio I can already foresee this causing issues when I try to rearrange projects for any reason in the future…

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey Liam

Please post your share link so we can check this out.

My first thought is that regardless of the order in the CMS, you can filter/sort their display on the front end.

For the Collection List, click the element settings in your style panel, and choose your sort order.