Can I remove my A records or change them to another server?

Hi all!

I have a question regarding the purpose and function of the A DNS records I configured for our webflow page.
We currently have our website hosted at webflow with these DNS records (default setup):

  • A record: ->,
  • CNAME record: ->

I am planning to move our Webflow website to a subdomain, e.g., and let point to a new website (hosted on Heroku), with the following steps:

  • Add as a subdomain in Webflow project settings
  • Add CNAME record: ->
  • Change CNAME record: -> (our new website on Heroku)

What I am uncertain about, is what I should do with the existing A records for - can I change or remove them? Or would that break our Webflow page subdomain at somehow? I’ve read the various university pages on connecting (sub)domains, but could not deduct what their exact (technical) purpose is.

Grateful for any ideas on this!

Greetings, Aike