Changing DNS records for Webflow - mail not working


I’ve received a domain from a client which they’ve registered with Neostrada, they’ve asked me to design their new website which was previously a WIX website and now that the site is finished I’ve tried publishing it by changing the DNS records according to Webflow’s instructions. This works perfectly but the mail stopped working after changing it to Webflow.
I’ve reverted to the original DNS settings and to the old WIX site now and the mail works again. I’ve noticed that the nameservers were set to the WIX nameservers and I’ve changed them to the Neostrada nameservers (the registrar’s default ones). Could this be the issue? And if so to what to I have to change the nameservers to because Webflow doesn’t use nameservers. I’ve added the original DNS settings below. Which ones do I have to change to keep the email working?

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Hey Brice, that wouldn’t be related to anything in Webflow’s config, but it sounds like some records got missed when you switched their DNS over to Neostrada.

I’m guessing that wasn’t intentional, so here’s an overview of how Nameservers & email configuration work.

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Thank you very much for the video and the comprehensive explanation, this has helped a lot for me to understand what the problem could be. I’ve added the A records for Webflow and the CNAME record and deleted all the other unnecessary ones. I also changed the nameservers to the default ones of the registrar (Neostrada). I think the mailprovider is Office 365 as I tried to send an email before and I got a message from Office 365 that I had no authority to relay. As Neostrada offers a blue button you can see on the image to add DNS records automatically when you put in the MX record for the email I used that. It wouldn’t work before with the original MX record so I used MXtoolbox and got another MX record: . After putting that one in, it added DNS records automatically and everything works fine now it seems. The only thing I don’t know about is the mail, webmail and cpanel from the original setup as they haven’t been added automatically. For now though I get the same results with MXToolbox as before and the mail server is responding correctly.
I’ve added images below of the new records and new nameservers (which are the default ones from the registrar) just as info. I’ll try to send mails to the client in the morning and hopefully everything works. Otherwise I will try one of the other solutions you mentioned. Thanks again for the explanation!

Hey so glad to see it all come together. That makes sense now, I’m guessing must be your client’s domain name, so the old MX was actually referencing your own internal mail A record. which was subsequently pointing to a mailserver at

That’s an unfamiliar configuration to me but hey it must have worked.

With Outlook 365, I’d imagine you can point your mail. subdomain there if you want to, but I’ve never configured it that way. I wouldn’t worry about it unless your client asks you to help with that configuration, they might not use that mode of access at all.