Change Owner of Site

I am finishing a project for a client. It will work best for them to host it on their own platform to have access to the designer.

If they set up a single hosted website, would I be able to make them the new owner of the project?

I have never made someone else a new owner of site and in theory I would assume this only works with Personal or Business plans where you can have multiple sites.

Just want to ensure I can have them sign up for a single site plan and make them the owner of the site I am finishing up.

Thank you for any clarification on this.

There is no need to pay for a single hosted website if you’re not going to host the site in Webflow the best option is to export the site and host it where ever you want.

If you have a lite account you can export the site.

Aaron I think he means that the customer also can change stuff E.G. event dates or womething like that

In that case you will need to create an other lite account to transfer the site and get access to those features and have the ability to export the code back again and host it elsewhere.

The other way around. You have to first transfer the project to their Starter account, before they can set up Webflow hosting on the project.

If they are purchasing web hosting elsewhere, they need a Lite account to be able to export the code from Webflow.

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