Change global grid setting


I’m following this tool progression for about a year now. The tool is growing with the new cms feature and it looks really nice.
But i still miss one super important feature to actually start designing with it and that’s global grid control.
As a professional webdesigner i want to control this setting.
Sometimes i create a website that stops at 1200, sometimes at 1600.
My gutters and padding change in every project, 10 px, 1 px, 30 px, and so on…

Is it hard to add this feature?



it’s o so quiet, it’s o so still…

Great suggestion! Don’t worry. We are reading all wish list items. Just give us some time to work on them :wink:

Yes, please, I would like this feature as well. I’d especially like to change the gutter width to 30 px. Thanks!

I’d love to see this feature too!