Global grid options for columns

This might be on the list already, but there would be cool if you could set a global setting for columns. Currently I’m workin on a personal project where I log my tennis scores, and I’m using over 400 rows with columns to present the scores. Now I have to change the grid setting for EACH column for desktop, tablet and mobile which is taking a lot of time! A global setting saying something like “Make this default setting” for columns for each of the media queries would save a lot of effort! :smile:


Oh that would be interesting - allowing to create presets for grids. Thanks for the suggestion! I think in your case it might make more sense to create your own grid and then you can customize the class and it will affect all of them.

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Yeah… that actually struck my mind when I re-designed the site…:smile:
But it would absolutely make sens to me that you should be able to set a specific setting for the columns for desktop, tablet and phone…and it stays that way each time you using that specific row/column. So…hope you’ll add it someday :smile: