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Change dimensions/grid retrospectively


I would like to retrospectively change the dimensions of a website which already contains some pages, so I would prefer if I could do this globally for the whole website. Is it possible to change the grid after a website has been established?


Hi @jufo. We’ll be adding grid width and gutter width settings in the coming month(s). We’ll also be releasing the 1200px media query soon. As for changing the actual media queries widths and allowing for custom breakpoints (which is what I think you’re asking about) that we don’t have planned anytime soon.

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Grid width, yes! I want a certain amount of margin on my site per media query, and as it works now, the grid underlay doesn’t work for me since it assumes an extremely narrow fixed margin for tablet etc. And gutter control would be great too. Looking forward to this.

Thanks, will try that.

Has this feature been released yet?