Baseline grid feature request

I realise it wouldn’t be on “nearby future” release list but still: it would really help to have a horizontal grid - baseline grid feature.

It would help so much to build a vertical rhythm of the site. At the moment it’s quite painful - I have to stick to js external solutions but those could be visible only in published mode anyway so it’s a lot of publishing and tabbing and comparing with chrome dev tools.

It would be great to be able to:

  1. Customize baseline grid height in different units: px, em, unitless. Basically, similar to line-height.
  2. Save those values independently for different media queries of the website.

And as its my first post here anyway:
Thanks a lot for Webflow project - amazing tool and I’m especially glad to see it’s evolving so quickly!


Bump! That would be awesome.

i am in agreement, as a bassline grid would eliminate guesswork and needless switching between preview and edit mode, without being able to edit with the grid visible.

Another bump!

I’m trying to make a grid of 9 squares that perfectly fills the page. Horizontal is done. I’m getting nowhere with vertical.

Thanks for the feedback guys! We have a lot of custom grid improvements in our roadmap. Thanks for your patience on this one!


+1 on this … any update on adding a baseline grid to the designer?

Another bump! This feature is way to awesome to be forgotten :frowning:

uh… this thread is almost 3 years old.

may be approaching the… don’t count on it phase :frowning: