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Ceros vs Webflow


I stumbled upon Ceros - Experiential content platform. Was wondering how is it different than webflow. I mean one can create everything that Ceros claims in webflow, with a better code output.

Any insights here will help.


Interesting, seems more and more platforms to do no code.
I didn’t see any pricing and it says experimental.

For me Webflow has been around for some time and lots of people use it and well recognised for external connections.

Best thing I would say is competition is good for ideas and lets hope a race to the bottom doesn’t occur.

I am sticking with Webflow.

I’ve been researching Editor X and I took a look to Ceros page but something that Webflow totally nailed is the class system and the semantic code approach. Other platforms are too abstract now.
Take components name from Editor X. Repeater what’s that ? A borderland game item ? A function of After Effects ? What about layouter, that’s a good one as well. Would you ask a senior dev a repeater in a layouter, would he understand ?