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I am working on a project for an apparel company, I am having trouble with my “Collection” page right now.

Question 1:
I created a catalogue/look book using cms, but I would like the products to be able to be sorted into different categories. For example, tops, dresses, bottoms, jumper, etc. Is there a way to achieve that with cms?

Question 2:

Because they have different collections for every season, I want the buttons in the dropdown menu to filter everything out to its appropriate category. So basically when I select “Canton Fair 2018” it would only show me the products in this category.

Here is my public share link:

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Yes you can do this, you’ll need to create a collection for the clothing types, and create an item for each ie. Tops, Dresses, Skirts

Then in the product, add a multi reference field so the items are associated with the clothing types, and another multi reference for whether it’s “Canton Fair 2018” etc.

On the page, you can then use the collection filter to display the relevant products in tabs.

You currently have products in two collection lists, which I don’t think is necessary. You should create one universal collection for your products and use the reference files to greater effect.

Take a look at this on the Webflow University to help.

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