Canvas feature elemtns

I am trying so hard to make a canvas on the screen, where a list of image thumbnails on a non-canvas area can be dropped into it. I don’t want those items to drag anywhere except onto the canvas. (with the ability to delete them from it if a user changes their mind.)

I also want to retain them in the original list, so they can be used again and again. Eventually I need to apply other actions to them, but for now I just can’t figure out how to separate them from the canvas, or assign an attribute to the image so it’s draggable.

This is one of those times where I really wish I could view the entire page’s code. Can I? This embed thing isn’t working so well for me when it comes to giving an image instructions. These images will be hosted elsewhere too, so assigning an action to it is hard to specify until it’s there.

For now I just want to make the infinity symbol duplicate into the canvas. Once I get that, I can play around. I have a box to drag my logo, but it lets me take it anywhere on the page.

Anyway… my readable share is pn the “canvas-creator” page:

A live page is:

Here’s what I want it to be:


Hey @tiffanya

Why don’t you build out all your front end on webflow then export to build this canvas feature?

That’s probably the best way to approach it, without doing embedded code snips

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Thanks @Thomas_92.

That’s a great idea! But… unfortunately, I already moved and hosted this domain to webflow, and really don’t want to go back to the other host I’ve been using for 15 years. I am keeping my other domains with them because they’re pretty simple, but they have outdated servers (in my budget range,) that can’t run anything past php 5. And if I want better, it will be into the hundreds to upgrade.

I think webflow is fantastic, and want to try to do it all here, but just so unsure how to.


Ah okay I see. I honestly thing its going to be near impossible to execute that functionality with embed code only. I might be wrong, but I really cant see that being feasible inside of webflow.

If you have some idea of backend why not just launch a web instance on AWS or google cloud. You can run a micro server for next to nothing. Or there are plenty of hosting providers that are cheaper than webflow.

Just some suggestions, best of luck with the dev tho.

great idea! thanks for sharing it with us.